Marcapasos externo temporal bicameral Osypka modelo PACE-203

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The temporary bicameral cardiac pacemaker Osypka Mod. PACE-203 is designed to perform cardiac stimulation temporarily, pre or post surgery and/ or for post-operative therapy of conduction defects and alterations in heart rate.
The rotary dial interface is very intuitive. It allows easy access to the adjustment of atrial and ventricular stimulation and sensitivity parameters.
The High Rate function provides fast atrial pacing, up to 1000 ppm (adjustable while atrial pacing is being applied).
By pressing a single button, it automatically measures atrio-ventricular frequencies and intervals, P / R wave amplitudes and AV intervals.
Statistical record and analysis of pacemaker activity.
The standard 9V alkaline battery provides an average of 240 hours of continuous operation.
1 year warranty.

Dimensions: 212mm x 96mm x 51mm.
Weight: 490g (including battery).
Battery: Alkaline: 240h (9V).
Basic stimulation range: 30ppm - 220ppm.
Rapid stimulation range: 70ppm - 1000ppm.
Stimulation amplitude: 0,1V - 18V.
Pulse width: 0,05ms - 1,5ms.
-Built-in: 0,02mV - 20mV.
-Ventricular: 1,0mV - 20mV.
Refractory period: 0,05ms - 1,5ms.
Protection against uncontrolled running: 200 ± 10 ppm.
Stimulation modes:
-Primary: DDD, VVI, AAI, VDD.
-Supplementary: D00, V00, A00, DVI, DAI, VAT, AAT, DDD + AT, DAT.

• Myocardial electrodes, for temporary pacing (unipolar and quadripolar).
• Transvenous stimulation electrodes for minimally invasive temporary stimulation applications.
• Extension cables for temporary stimulation electrodes.

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12 meses de garantía.