About us

High technological level medical equipment

Feás Electrónica is a company from Córdoba, Argentina, with more than 35 years of experience in the medical equipment market. Designs and manufactures quality medical equipment of high technological level for the national and international market.

The main house has a total area of ​​2000 m2, with a permanent staff of more than 50 highly trained employees for the correct performance of their duties, achieved by the constant training and updating in each of the subjects of its competence. It is carried out from the software to the external design of the equipment.

Las oficinas comerciales se encuentran localizadas en Córdoba (Av. Colón 5760 y Parque Empresarial Aeropuerto) y Capital Federal. Contamos también con una vasta red de distribuidores en todo el país y en el exterior. 

Nuestro equipo

Quality Managment System

The Company has established, documented, implemented and maintains a Quality System based on the DISP. ANMAT 3266/2013, DISP. ANMAT 6052/2013, Dir 93/42 of CEE, Dir 2011/65 / UE, and in the standards ISO9001: 2008, EN ISO13485: 2012 and EN ISO14971: 2012, in order to continuously improve its efficiency in accordance with the requirements of these standards and legal requirements.